February 2016 - January 2017


ZeeMee is an app for high school students to explore colleges and connect with college students & counselors.

My Role

I lead UX initiatives with research, user testing, sketching, conceptualization, and analytics. I identified opportunities for the product and carried out designs. My research at ZeeMee led to fundamental shifts in the way students communicate and get connected to likeminded people on the platform. These changes led to a 200% increase in button clicks and a sharp increase in roommate matching services within the first week of release.

Chosen Projects

Students are concerned about being alone or not getting to know the right people in college. Their roommate plays a big role in getting connected. We set out to connect people with potential roommates so they can get to know each-other and request to share room with the right person for them.


  • Quick adoption of feature
  • Fast growth
  • 85% of users reported that they valued the roommate matching service

Projects Not Described Here

Dashboard for colleges
Mobile app for students
Responsive website
Initial research project
User Journey


During early research one of the things that stood out to me was that many high school students thought that everyone at college would know each-other while they themselves would be the only one not knowing anyone. It would help them to connect with likeminded students before arriving at campus. I talked to a few students about roommate matching and learned that there was an interest for it.

I started by researching existing solutions for roommate matching, including Facebook college groups, Room surf and 6 other services. They all had issues such as long and boring questions, no quick results, or no clear guidelines. I then interviewed high school graduates and first year college students, to learn what matters to them when it comes to finding a roommate. After generating a list of topics that arose during interviews, I conducted a quantitative study to find out what topics most students care about.

In short I found that:


When I had the 15 most popular topics, I created questions for each topic. I run the question though our head of product to and our Gen Z intern to make sure the language worked well. I also tested the questions with users to avoid misunderstandings.

After sketching a few concepts on paper and discussing them with my design team, I landed on a format of one question per page, taking up the whole page. After the user chooses an anser, the next question will automatically pop us. The user can always scroll back to change their answer.

After getting the questions down, it was time to design the rest of the feature. I got the rest of the designteam together and we created user stories based on the research I did in the beginning of the project.

Below are a few wireframes from the process. The first one is an example of a question. The two next are different versions of the roommate result a student gets after going through the questions. The last one is what the student sees after finding his or her roommate.

After a user answers all questions they'll sees their matches. There is one top match, and a row of other good matches. Both top match and other matches will change as more students go through the questions, giving the student a reason to come back. They are able to favorite three questions that are the most important to them, and they can see students who gave the same answer to these three questions. When you have found a roommate, you can click "I found my roommate" and you'll be taken off the results for other students. At the same time, you will get access to articles and tips for how to get the best start with your new roommate.

After launching the roommate matching feature, we saw quick adoption of the feature and faster growth for our app. Students were also coming back to check on their results several times.

“Your roommate can make or break your first year in college“
- A user during interview


Adoption rate
74% of users who were active the in the 2 weeks following launch used the roommate matching feature.
Completion rate
Of the users that started the roommate matching quiz, 97% completed it in the same session.
Valuing the feature
We sent out a questionnaire about the app, and 85% of respondents reported that they valued the roommate matching feature. 12% were indifferent and 3% had a negative experience.