From enhancing Norway’s Department of Health with Design Thinking to improving enterprise and e-commerce experiences.

I’ve worked on a great range of projects. Most of them digital, some of them not. Either way, I apply design methods to create new, or improve existing, experiences, processes and products. Below are some examples from 4 of the great companies I’ve worked for.

Mar 2019 - Mar 2020

Zeus Living

Zeus provides long-term stays in homes designed for business travelers. I was hired to work on our internal tools to improve efficiency and lower the risk of error. Among other projects, I created designs that improved efficiency of writing house manuals from ~3 hours to 30 minutes. When the company shifted all efforts towards demand, I started working on the B2B team, where I implemented a few features before I started sketching the future of Zeus for Business. When COVID-19 hit I got the responsibility for all our new landing pages related to the virus.

Digital tools, B2B

May 2018 - May 2019


ModCloth is a fashion retailer that focuses on female empowerment and inclusivity. At ModCloth I led design projects from start to finish, and implemented user research and user testing into the company. I also mentored other designers in user research. Among other projects I redesigned the return & exchange experience. As a part of that I pushed for a change in how we handle returns internally. With those changes and my redesign of the experience, we were able to highly improve our users' satisfaction.

E-commerce, Intranet

Feb 2016 - Jan 2017


ZeeMee helps students get seen and connected when applying to college. I lead UX initiatives with research, user testing, sketching, conceptualization, and analytics. I identified opportunities for the product and carried out designs. My research at ZeeMee led to fundamental shifts in the way students communicate and get connected to like-minded people on the platform. These changes led to a 200% increase in button clicks and a sharp increase in roommate matching services within the first week of release.

Native app, Responsive web, Dashboard

Jan 2011 - Jan 2015


Halogen is one of the leading design consultancies in Scandinavia. Working here, I helped 40+ companies reach their goals through research and design. I designed holistic user experiences and helped improve internal processes for 7 companies. I’ve helped companies attain goals of a safer work environment, higher collaboration across borders, and a public understanding of complex information.

Responsive Web, Intranet, Dashboard, Design Thinking, Service Design